Dry skin and red blotches on the face after hot showers. Diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. Takinfg Elidel, sulfacetamide sodium. Permanent cure?

Hi, I started dry skin on my face about a year ago.. It has progressively gotten worse. Over new years I was hung over and took about 5 hot showers to sooth my headache and to help me sleep off the hangover. When I woke I had red blotches all over my face...mainly on my cheeks under my eyes. Since then I've see two dermatologist who say I have seborrheic dermatitis... I've been prescribed Elidel and that seem to help with the heavy flaking but I still have dry, wrinkly skin... it looks like I've age considerably in the last year. So today I took a mildly warm shower...the first one on months and I have red blotches around my eyes up above my eyebrows, down my cheeks and speckled under my chin. Also, to note, I was also prescribed a wash off cream called Sulfacetamide Sodium & Sulfur as well as a sleep on foam called Clarifoam...which I had a terrible reaction to. I broke out with, no lie, 50+ tiny whiteheads and my face even swelled up a bit...my doctor told me to stop and I am only using Elidel now. I am 36 years old, had already dealt with acne as a teenager and am incredibly frustrated now...so much so I'm becoming a hermit because of this condition. Your advise is sincerely wanted and welcomed. Thank you.


Hi Doctor -

Thank you for your response. Here are the answers to your questions:

-Are you having itching/burning/irritation pain over face? - When my cheeks are red they will start to burn when I sweat. There is some mild itching but its mostly under my chin and neck areas when my facial hair is growing in..

-Do you get dandruff/flaky scalp? I've never had a problem with this.

-Do you have whitish lesions on eyelids/behind ear? No - I occasionally get dry skin that peels off in small chunks under my eyebrows.

-Apart from elidel have you taken any other treatment? The first doctor who saw me prescribed me medicine for Rosacea, it was a Gel who's name escapes me at this time. That irritated my face, burned and did not help at all.. The next appointment I was told I have Seborrhec Dermatitis. The mistake in diagnoses was blamed on the fact that I had purchased some moisturizers that made me break out with large bumps (no white heads) and the moisturizers hid the extent of dry flaky skin so I was then prescribed Elidel. Elidel lessens the dry skin but does not stop it completely (lessens the dry skin by 50% max) and does nothing to protect me from getting the red blotches on my face after taking a warm showers. I then started trying some things on my own like African XXXXXXX Butter & Nobel Cream (I was told this has the same active ingredients as Head n' Shoulders. I've has some mild success with the combination of the 3: Elidel, XXXXXXX butter, Nobel Cream...maybe taking my dry skin down to 25%. Other things of possible note that I use and have used for years now without any issues that I'm aware of have been: Nizoral shampoo (for it's supposed hair loss prevention effects - for 1 year+), Minoxidil (from various manufacturers for about 8+yrs), and Neutrogena oil-free moisture SPF 15 (has been my daily sunscreen/moisturizer for 4+ years now).

And as I mentioned before I had a terrible reaction, swelling, dozen upon dozens of small raised bumps with white heads as a reaction to, what I believe to have been, the ClarifoamEF because I had used the Elidel with the Sulfacetamide Sodium & Sulfer lotion as a cleanser where I was instructed to leave on for 10 minutes and wash off... and I had no real positive or negative effect. It wasn't until I added the ClarifoamEF for two nights as a leave on foam that I work up and with the break out.

The last two days I have only been using the Elidel and the XXXXXXX butter and Neutrogena sunscreen. The redness has subsided about 75% since the photos I sent, the dry skin is still there but probably about 50% of it's worse case scenerio. But there is no doubt in my mind that if I were to take a warm or dare a hot shower I would have the same red blotches as resulted last time.

Sorry for the long note but I wanted you to see the whole picture. Thank you in advance for your help.


Thank you doctor - I will follow you suggestions.



I understand your problem and will advise you accordingly.

After going through your photographs I feel that you are having contact dermatitis due to sulfur containing face wash.Which has occurred on pre existing seborrheic dermatitis.

Also I would like to know

-Are you having itching/burning/irritation pain over face?

-Do you get dandruff/flaky scalp?

-Do you have whitish lesions on eyelids/behind ear?

-Apart from elidel have you taken any other treatment?

Please answer the above questions to help you better.

Anticipating your response.

Dr Sudarshan

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Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar



Thanks for the details provided.

My advise to you would be

-Continue using the Elidel cream and the XXXXXXX butter and Neutrogena sunscreen.

-Use nizoral shampoo twice a week . It helps in seborrheic dermatitis.

-Do not use Sulfacetamide Sodium & Sulfer lotion .

-You can use cetaphil cleanser for washing the face.

-Avoid Hot shower.

- You can take effective Antihistaminic like Fexofenadine with doctors prescription .

It will help in both allergic reaction and seborrheic dermatitis.

-You can also use mild steoid over face like Hydrocortisone .

It helps in seborrheic dermatitis.

-Use the moisturizer frequently .Dont allow the skin to be dry.

- Avoid any other home remedies or over the counter preparations.

If you need any further clarification do let me know.

Hope this helps you.

Wishing you speedy recovery.

Dr Sudarshan

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Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar



If you dont have any further queries ,then please accept my answer and rate it at the end.

Wishing you speedy recovery.

Dr Sudarshan.

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Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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