Chest discomfort, shortness of breath, white tongue. Is it due to air freshner and Lysol disinfectant?

I sprayed a lot of air freshener to cover the odor of a dead mouse. I sprayed it directly into the air intake of the heating unit, while it was on. I guess it volatized it & changed its chemical nature. It absorbed deeply into's been over 2 weeks....smell is still on things.

Two days after I sprayed the air freshener, I sprayed a plenty of Lysol Disinfectant to try to get rid of the air freshener scent. I spent two nights in the having some chest discomfort, maybe slight shortness of breath. Is there any treatment or have I just screwed up my heart & lungs?

Is there anything that can mitigate the danmage I did?

I didn't know it was so bad......I sprayed enough that it numbed my sense of smell.

My family doctor saw me & wasn't too concerned, but that was a week the time, my tongue had turned white.....but that has now subsided.

Is there anything that can mitigate the damage?



Thanks for the query.

I think you are in a stage of resolution. You just have to wait for the complete clearance of the allergic / irritant reaction that had happened.

No extra precautions were told by the GP whom you visited explains the non worrisome nature of the problem. Chest discomfort can be due to anxiety alone in this condition.

The irritants that you would have possibly inhaled should have been killed by the body defence mechanisms by now. It is better to do steam inhalation so as to remove the particles if any from the lungs. This expands the airways and allow a free passage of oxygen which itself can kill many foreign particles.

You can do saline gargles or mouth freshner gargles. Take some cough lozenges for soothing effect.

If these symptoms do not clear and inturn increase, a re examination is warranted after 3 days.

Hope I answered all your queries. Please accept if you do not have any follow up.

Take care,

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Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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