Stool with ridges, have large external hemorrhoids, symptoms of IBS. Treatment?

I notice that my stool has ridges. I have large external hemorrhoids and s very large one XXXXXXX Also have symptoms of IBS which I have had for years.


Thanks for the query.

It would be good if you mention more details about your problem. I could not even see the questions that you have for the moment. Please answer some of my questions to give a better opinion.

1) Do you notice blood streaks mixed with the stool?

2) Do you have pain while you pass stools?

As read your query I believe you have well formed stools with ridges. Are you anxious about the ridges on the stools? The stool can have ridges and has no importance and cannot specify any medical condition. Given that you have hemorrhoids, they can influence the formation of the ridges.

Properly formed stool are easily passed, have hardly any odor, and require only five or ten seconds to pass completely. Passing proper stool should not cause pain; instead, it should be distinctly pleasurable and leave you feeling relieved and comfortable. If you feel that this is not in your case, and your stool is mixed with blood, please see your primary physician immediately.

A note about the large hemorrhoids, they need to be removed by an operation called Hemorrhoidectomy usually done by Proctologist / General Surgeon.

I am available to answer your questions further if you can provide more information.


Dr. Mazumdar.

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Dr. Raju A.T

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