Stomach hurts and feels bloated all the time. What is going on?

The left side of my stomach hurts and feels bloated all the time. It is at its worst when I am sitting up at my desk or in the car. Lying down helps a little. I feel like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner all the time. Also my lower back began hurting pretty bad a couple days ago as well. What is going on?

Hello, XXXXXX,

I see you are a young 28 year old male. Left sided abdominal

pain can be caused by a number of things. It might be related

to muscles of the abdominal wall or from something XXXXXXX

Your spleen is up high under the left rib cage and part of the

stomach and the large intestine portion called the splenic

flexure. Some times trapped gas in that segment of the bowel

can cause intense pain, and changing the position might relieve

this. That's probably what happens when you lye down . Try and

see if gently rubbing the abdomen starting from right lower side

of the abdomen , up and around to the left side all the way down.

If you have trapped gas this should help relieve it.

If the pain is in the loin area on the left side and you have had

some urinary problems, we have to rule out kidney stone or


You mention that you had a hernia repair and I am not sure if

it was the left or right side. Regardless, it is possible to have

some scar tissue formation and adhesions which can lead to

some kinking of the intestine bringing on pain.

Lower back pain may or may not be related to this, although

kidney problem can give back pain.

Your posture is also important when you sit at your desk or car.

Hope you sit upright .

If the pain continues or gets worse , please see your doctor

that did your hernia surgery for a followup.

Wish you well.

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Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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