Suggest remedy for frequent farts and gas in stomach

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Recently from last 5-6 months My Husband have started farting very frequently. He always feels lot of gas in his stomach. His age is 33 yr of age. Please suggest what should be done.

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Advised Gas X.

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Farting (Flatulence) mostly it could be due to Indigestion where gas is produced by intestinal bacteria during digestion especially when we have sugar contains or high carbohydrate contain food.
Changes in food habits also causes Flatulence.
I would suggest you Gas X(Simethicone) tablets after meal and at bed time 1-2 weeks.
Additionally I also suggest him some dietary changes.
Avoid smoking if he does.
Avoid oily,fast,junk food.
Restrict carbohydrate contains food like bread,chocolates,cakes,sweets.
Add vegetables, fruits in his diet.But some vegetables also produces gas like cabbage,beans,onions.
Avoid heavy meals.He should eat small meals more times.
Walk for 15 minutes after food.
You can give him Probiotics and yoghurt which contain healthy bacteria helpful in digestion.

If he will not improve despite of aforementioned treatment and suggestion then he needs to visit a Gastroenterology doctor to evaluate the cause by doing investigations like malabsorption test,gatric emptying test and other related investigations.

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