Dry mouth, dizziness, redness in throat. What is it?

HI,I have had a funny throat off and on .dry mouth sometimes .thought it was pollen because sometimes I do get sneezing ,not always.Its not painful more annoying than anything.when I look in mouth just looks red off and on too.I also get dizzy spells when its hot.what do you think this throat thing is?


Thanks for writing to H.C.M. for your query.

I have gone through your query regaring dry mouth off and on and you have also told about sneezing and off and on redness in throat.

Considering your symptoms it appears as most likely you are suffering from allergic rhinopharyngitis but the other possibilities are-

(a) Early sinusitis.

(b) Recurrent Pharyngitis with ? diabetes.

Therefore you are advice for these investigations-

(1) Culture and sensitivity of throat swab.

(2) C.T.scan of paranasal sinuses.

(3) Blood- CBC, ESR, blood sugar (F. & P.P.)

By these investigations we may reach to correct diagnosis which may be accordingly pan for treatment.


Above answer was peer-reviewed by


Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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