What steps can i take to avoid nervousness? All test results are ok

Hi, I'm a 29 yr old female. When I get tensed my hands shiver. Please tell me the steps to avoid this. I had a panic attack. & now when I'm with a group of people I am afraid whether I'll get panic attacks. Please tell me the steps to avoid nervousness & Panic attacks in future. I've done thyroid tests & physically I'm fit.

I also want to know the steps to increase self-confidence. Thank You.


Thanks for the query.

If I have to be elaborate on this answer I assume that you do not have any medical condition causing these panic attacks.

You have to make a note of all the situations where you get tensed and when your hands shiver. E.g Group situations, Public speaking etc. Even when not experiencing an anxiety attack, the person with panic attacks often becomes increasingly nervous and apprehensive. You also attempt to remain physically and psychologically tense in preparation for the next attack. So make a list of all those conditions, this is something like a preparation for an exam.

1) Change you attitude: Know about yourself, our attitudes and beliefs influence the degree to which we are willing to try to solve problems, our determination to persist in the face of obstacles, and the amount of time and energy we devote to the endeavor.

2) Breathing skills is a very good technique to relax and it is time tested. Change the normal breathing pattern. Try take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs, then your upper lungs. You then hold it for a count of three. Slowly exhale through pursed lips.

3) Muscle relaxation is another way of driving away the panic situation. Try to locate each muscle from toe to head, e.g. muscles of foot and then calf, next thigh and move upwards. Once you locate each muscle, tighten it for few seconds and then relax it. Similarly for all the muscles and by the time you finish maximum muscles you are away from panic attack.

Each individual can practice their own way of relaxation. It is upto them how they adopt the strategies while reducing the severity of panic attacks.

If this is not helpful you can else XXXXXXX an expert Psychologist / Counselor who can help start with Cognitive Behaviour therapy and Exposure therapy. This should help else you might have to go in for medication with the help of Psychiatrist.

Panic attacks and low confidence are like hand and glove. Once you are able to manage one, the other is automatically moulded.

I am available to answer your queries again.


Dr. Mazumdar.

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Dr. Yogesh D

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