Had an aucusticneuroma removed. Having pain behind scar in head. How to get relief from pain?

My husband had an aucustic Neuroma removed in 2005. He has a large scar on his head from the surgery. He got yearly MRI's for the first few years and was told that it was ok to move the MRI's to every 5 years. His last MRI was last year and it was clear. He has been having a pain in his head ranging to dull to sharp/ stabbing behind his scar tissue in his head. I understand that aucustic neuromas are generally slow growing. I have to make a nuerologist appointment for him, but his work schedule is preventing him from going immediately. Do you see this as an emergency or is there another possible explanation for the stabbing pain?

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First of all, I wish to reassure you that your husband's current symptoms are unlikely to be related to the recurrence of acoustic neuroma.
The most likely cause could be a neuralgic pain originating from the nerves in the scalp of the affected region.
Other possible reason for the pain could be tension or spasm of the occipital muscles.
For pain relief, medications such as Tegrital (carbamazepine) at a dose of 200 mg thrice daily or pregabalin (lyrica) at a dose of 75 mg twice daily could be useful. These medicines can be prescribed by your GP.
So, I do not think it is an emergency and you visit your neurologist as per the schedule. He may order MRI, if necessary.
I hope it clarifies. Please get back for any follow up questions.
Best wishes,
Dr Sudhir Kumar MD DM (Neurology)
Consultant Neurologist

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