Suggest treatment for tight chest and heart palpitations post pneumonia

I used to have breathing problems when I'm asleep or right after I woke up. Then I went in and my X-rays showed I had pneumonia. A couple weeks after, a asked my doctor if I should exert myself running (I'm in the military and I had to run for my pt test) she assured I will be fine and I don't need an exemption for my run. So I took my test. Ever since that day, my chest feels tight, hard time breathing, and rapid heart beats. What is wrong?? She took another X-ray and told me my lungs are clear now

Brief Answer:
Get a PFT done.

Detailed Answer:

In that case there are two investigations you can try.

Pulmonary function tests, these will help to know if there is any underlying element of bronchitis, asthma or bronchospasm due to recent pneumonia.Xray wont pick up these things.

CT scan of chest is more reliable than xray to show residual pneumonia, if any.

These investigations can help you understand cause of current symptoms.

Meanwhile try steam inhalation, this will help clear your airway.Simple but highly effective.

Please ask if there are doubts.Regards.

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